Creatures of Hogwarts

Dobby The House Elf: Dobby warns harry about not going back to Hogwarts are there are terrible things are going to happen... In the second part of the movie and book. He is very protected about Harry and he is also a bit too sensitve. He serves to the masters of Lucius Malfoy and family and he will only be set free if he is given with new clothes to wear

Aragog the Giant Spider: Aragog is owned by Hagrid... He is a very dangerous creature that lives inside the Forbidden forests. He can only trust Hagrid as he is Aragog master who served to or belongd to.

Dementors: Are the guards of Azkaban Prison they are foul creatures that moves about around azkaban Prison. They feed on souls of the people until the person's death.. People soul's makes them stronger. The only thing that he cannot stand is sunlight which can only be formed by a strong happy thought using Expecto - Patronum

Hippogriff: Hagrid has bought a new pet which has a body of a horse and a face and wings of an eagle. Hippogriff can fly for a long distance with his wide wings. Hagrid named him Buckbeak. If Hippgriff wants to trust someone to touch and feel him and go for a ride with him. He would have to trust them. Hippogriff are very smart but also very dangerous to anyone who tries to attack. If you bow to Hippogriff and he bows to you for sometime and then slowly comes close to feel his beak. Then he can trust you going for a ride on his back.

The Basalisk snake: Its a snake which is considered to be the longest and a giant snake which is very poisonous which lives inside the castle. Harry Potter somehow manages to fight with the snake and kills it. He lives in the Chamber of Secrets of Slytherin house.

Fawkes - Phoenix are bird that bursts into flames when its time for them to die and then they are reborn from the ashes. It has tears of healing power and strength to carry people

Troll is a giant savage that was released... He was last seen in the Girls Bathroom. He is very big and a dangerous monster to be handled with.

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