Games of Hogwarts

Quidditch is a game where there is 4 Beaters 2 Chaser and 1 Seeker from each team. The Beater has to grab the Quaffel from the other chasers and try to stop the qualffel going it into one of the hoops where as the Chasers has chase the other opponents and steal the quaffel and put it in one of the hoops and whereas seeker which is the most important element of the game has to try and get the golden snitch and if one of the team gets the snitch then their team wins the game. Snitch are very small and very difficult to catch because of its speed but Harry potter caught hold of it many times... Each players has to be in the air on their brooms to play the game. Many have injured themselves while playing the game

Triwizard Tournament: It is the most dangerous games and anyone who has placed their names in the Goblet of fire and if once chosen there is no turning back... You have to face the most diffiuclt task of all times... Each tournament leads you to another clue... Each task is as deadly and as dangerous it can be. Many people who entered died in the tournament. Any wizard who wish to enter this tournament should be 17 years and above.

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