Diagon Alley

Diagon alley is a place where Wizards buy their school items from... They have their very own bank known as Gringotts Bank which is located in the centre of Diagon Alley... From books to robes to wands to pets all are found at Diagon Alley.

As i metioned this is a picture of Gringotts Bank where the wizards collect their money inherited from their families... This is a Bank which is run by Goblin... Very wicked and foul creatures... They may look nice but they are very dangerous creatures and Nobody wants to mess with Goblins

This is Ollivanders shop... This is a place where not the student chooses a wand but a wand choose a student when buying a wand... Some wands may be dangerous whereas spells are concerned so its always wise to ask Ollivanders for a little help... and to test your wand. You have to give a wave to see if the wand is alright or not. If not then you choose another wand.

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